a combination sex act involving two hands and two women, one hand shocks the first woman while the other spocks the second, this refers to the fact that the middle finger on rahm emmanuels right hand is severed, rendering him incapable of performing a true double spock
this one chick couldnt handle the full spock so I had to rahm those two crazy bitches
by daviswurzler January 21, 2009
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To be screwed over by something involving the city of Chicago. usual in something in involving money (i.e. a parking ticket), since Rahm Emanuel was elected as Mayor
Man I let the meter go an extra 5 minutes and I got Rahmed! 50 bucks!!
by kidfunkyfried October 2, 2012
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The Class Clown someone thats loyal and can get along with every one
by 123din March 16, 2017
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Shelmet influenced Shelmet
Guy 1: that guy looks like a shelmet from pokemon go
Guy 2: yeah he’s probably a Rahm
by Shelmet101 October 31, 2020
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usually 5'8" and walks with a backwards slouch, consant beanie that may be attached to head (do not pull off), has a six pack because of playing video games (because of position sat in), sex ratio of 10:2, bi-sexual, extrodiniary at kicking, usually realated to a weasel with a penguin and/or a sloth as a best friend
Guy: That guy is most likely a Rahm
Guy2: yeah hes hot
Guy: your such a homo
by Tjaden Liersch October 12, 2008
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Jon Rahm is a Spanish professional golfer. He is known for his temper and cursing - i.e., f bombs.
After hitting his drive into the water hazard, Steve dropped a Rahm bomb.
by Peter Bear J April 15, 2019
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