Any female that has more emotional problems than Latoya Jackson
I dunno what it is with dumb guys but I'd never put up with the antics of those crazy bitches.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
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A woman who after a break up slashes the tires on your car, burns your clothes, and tries to get you fired from your job then calls you the next day wanting to reconcile.
That crazy bitch keyed my car and then called me for a booty call!
by Krazy Karma August 23, 2007
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(n.) A sexually crazy girl who loves to screw dirty, but will drive you mad otherwise through her bitchiness and insanity, you'll find many women fitting this description in hot night clubs.
Did you see John pick up that crazy bitch? She'll probably leave bite marks all over his pecker!
by Insaneone July 9, 2006
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A girl who acts like she's never wrong, a very clingy bi polar girl who doesnt like when you talk to any girls.
"This crazy bitch wants to get married, its been 3 months!"
by eikooZ September 7, 2009
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A highly intelligent woman who will call you on you fuck shit behaviour. Will not put up with your bullshit and will hold every thing in until you push her to the point that she explodes and tells you about yourself. Verbally destroys your existence. And exposes you for the true piece of shit you are. But there's nothing mentally wrong with these women. Calling them crazy is the only defense a fuckboy has against her to make her seem unstable to everyone. But they fool no one, not even themselves. They know,everyone knows they are shit!
I sent flowers and poetry when his grandmother died. Then he ghosted for 4 days and called me a crazy bitch for calling him numerous times to see if he was ok. Oh his grandmother is still alive!
by Iristhebulletdodger June 24, 2018
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Usually a woman that's jealous and might be your ex but also she might cut off your dick :)
Your ex is a crazy bitch!
by ROGER THE NUMBASS September 10, 2017
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Often times a crazy bitch is woman who has suffered childhood sexual assault and as a result of the experience matures to be simultaneously sexually aggressive and unstable.
I refuse to go clubbing with Jenny she's constantly acting like she's going to fuck everyone, you can't go anywhere with that crazy bitch without getting into some kind of trouble. She needs to get help.
by sambomas October 3, 2007
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