one who dresses bad, looks bad, and is a social outcast. One who performs badly with the opposite sex and wears torn up clothes. Is good at nothing and enjoys his weekends sitting at home
Stop playing your gameboy your such a slouch!
You wear that same sweatshirt everyday ur just a sloch
Look at that slouchy shirt your wearing...where did u get it K-Mart
Your such a slouch...you have scored 0 points this season
Your the biggest slouch i know...you sit at home and watch tv all day
by JPotts December 26, 2005
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loser, complete idoit, whore, dirtiest of the dirties
Courtney Coffee is the biggest slouch of tennessee
by Annonmyous March 11, 2005
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A recent slang word Meaning to kill, or destroy, or wreck, or any such form of light hearted devastation of a person place or thing. Best applied to non serious situations such as commentary on a death in a video game, tv show, or film.

Synonyms: Gank, Wreck, Reck, Shrek, Pwn, Own, Destroy, Devastate,
*Playing a video Game"
P1: aw man, did you see how that guy killed me?
P2: Yeah man, you got fucking S L O U C H E D.

According to all known laws of aviation, the honey bee should by no means attempt to fully Slouch a human being. To Slouch a human being would result in the bee's stinger getting stuck, and with it, their insides would be torn out. It is a form a poetic justice, that in attempting to Slouch, the bee would instead, Slouch himself.
by Azarath99 July 31, 2017
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A person who is less than, or unworthy of.
Your SLOUCH ass went and found a SLOUCH ass nigga, trying to make me jealous, how y'all SLOUCH ass figure?!
by Da Giggler July 22, 2018
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to show extreme signs of laziness and unwillingness to perform simple tasks
Luke, every time I see you you're slumped down in a chair doing nothing. You're such a slouch!
by Comedump013 September 10, 2009
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