A person who doesn't take care of themselves; a loser.
Look at that guy. He's such a slouch.
by Patrick Walker November 10, 2005
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one who dresses bad, looks bad, and is a social outcast. One who performs badly with the opposite sex and wears torn up clothes. Is good at nothing and enjoys his weekends sitting at home
Stop playing your gameboy your such a slouch!
You wear that same sweatshirt everyday ur just a sloch
Look at that slouchy shirt your wearing...where did u get it K-Mart
Your such a slouch...you have scored 0 points this season
Your the biggest slouch i know...you sit at home and watch tv all day
by JPotts December 27, 2005
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loser, complete idoit, whore, dirtiest of the dirties
Courtney Coffee is the biggest slouch of tennessee
by Annonmyous March 12, 2005
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to show extreme signs of laziness and unwillingness to perform simple tasks
Luke, every time I see you you're slumped down in a chair doing nothing. You're such a slouch!
by Comedump013 September 11, 2009
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A period of time (usually 2-4 days) when a group of people (usually 2-6 people) stay in a confined space. Activities in this space include but are not limited to:playing video games, watching TV, listening to music, etc. The only rule in a slouch is no sleeping. The room generally has a plethora of TVs, at least one refrigerator, microwave, hotplate, computer(with internet access), and gaming consoles hooked up to all of the TVs. In order to get the full slouch feeling you need to have online gaming, music playing all the time, a TV for news ( in case of a nuclear holocaust). Most people go out in advance and buy an obscene amount of food, soda, and weird props. Some slouches can get expensive but you do not need to be rich to have a fulfilling slouch. The genuine slouches always have a live streaming feed, so that the groups friends can check in on them, not only for laughs but for safety.

Once a year a professional will hold a super slouch. In a super slouch, the contestants will wear special slouch uniforms, and when it is completed will receive a super slouch champions hat and trophy.
Me and Mitch are going to slouch this summer, and yes it will be on USTREAM.

Where are you guys... don't tell me that you are slouching again. That's the 3rd time this month.

Why are those kids buying all of that stuff... Oh they are slouching, looks like they will have a nice one
by Kurt The Atheist May 8, 2011
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To put a lot of baby powder or gold bond on your nuts and wear sweat pants all day.
I saw John in the halls today, he told me he was slouching.
by HAIRY SHFINE November 4, 2010
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A very dirty whore.

One who is lazy.

A slut who gets with 4 guys in one night.

"do you see that slouch over there?" "YEAH! LOOK AT HER SLOUCH ALL OVER HIS DICK!"
by harry para April 6, 2008
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