A term used to show one's disapproval of something, regardless of the situation.
Teacher: You've failed your test. Would you care to explain?
Dude #1: That's racist!
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An individual or group who treats people different, often poorly on account of their skin color.
Black lives matter is full of a bunch of violent racists.
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by Rum_Ham September 08, 2016
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Racism is a crime and crime is for black people.
Jim: I'm not racist because I'm not black.

A black guy immediately shoots him for being racist.
by ididntwritethat March 13, 2018
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1. A person who's education disappeared in the bermuda triangle.

2. A person gets an ultimate erection by hating on a group

3. People who need to breed far far away from this planet
4. People who think they are so cool and edgy...that is until they get what they deserve
5. A wild vicious creature who's normal habitat is in their mother's basement
Black dude 1: Yo man, you need to chill with that shit man we don't play that around here
Racist dude: *attempts to attack black people"
Black dude 2: We tried to warn you
*Black people beat up racist person*
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by الله أكبر July 19, 2017
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A person who wins an argument with a liberal
That man was so racist that he totally invalidated my already invalid points.
by Racistbigot March 23, 2018
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A non-Asian Panda. It's Black, it's white but it ain't Asian doe.
- You are such a non-Asian Panda!

- " I must be racist then"
by Dead memes of the world March 24, 2018
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As of 2017, the word ceased to mean anything. It is now a badge of honor to be labelled a racist. Many internet trolls spend weeks trolling in order to receive such a sacred title. In a bygone era, Marxists created the word in order to cause division and separation among the bourgeoisie. The word was later adopted by rabid Leftists and used to browbeat anyone who dared to speak of racial differences from an observable and scientific basis.

In the mid-2010's the word was thrown around so wildly, especially in the heated 2016 Presidential election in the Jewnited States of Amuharakka, that the word became entirely meaningless. The word was still used by delusional Leftists, but the average apolitical individual realized the word no longer had value. Thus one such apolitical individual wrote this beautiful definition.
"You're a Racist!"
I'm sorry, what? Do you mean in the sense I trolled you *that well*? If so, thank you for your compliment good sir.

Why yes, I do believe in the scientific method. IF it can be observed time and time again, it's a fact of life. Face it, they're just not fit to live in a European world.

Yes. I do think "refugees" are here to leech the system. So far there is no proof to the contrary. There's no war in Pakistan, why in the blazes are you lobbying for more apartments for these Pakis?
by Comrade Pepe June 16, 2017
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