As of 2017, the word ceased to mean anything. It is now a badge of honor to be labelled a racist. Many internet trolls spend weeks trolling in order to receive such a sacred title. In a bygone era, Marxists created the word in order to cause division and separation among the bourgeoisie. The word was later adopted by rabid Leftists and used to browbeat anyone who dared to speak of racial differences from an observable and scientific basis.

In the mid-2010's the word was thrown around so wildly, especially in the heated 2016 Presidential election in the Jewnited States of Amuharakka, that the word became entirely meaningless. The word was still used by delusional Leftists, but the average apolitical individual realized the word no longer had value. Thus one such apolitical individual wrote this beautiful definition.
"You're a Racist!"
I'm sorry, what? Do you mean in the sense I trolled you *that well*? If so, thank you for your compliment good sir.

Why yes, I do believe in the scientific method. IF it can be observed time and time again, it's a fact of life. Face it, they're just not fit to live in a European world.

Yes. I do think "refugees" are here to leech the system. So far there is no proof to the contrary. There's no war in Pakistan, why in the blazes are you lobbying for more apartments for these Pakis?
by Comrade Pepe June 16, 2017
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Somebody winning a debate with a social justice warrior.
I cannot disprove anything you said and you nulled all of my points skillfully. But I see you are a white male, tough luck racist.
by RealLifeisOffensive December 09, 2016
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This word gets misused too frequently by people world wide. I will give examples of things which are really racist and things which aren't. Read below.
Racist against blacks: Eww, Kevin Durant is a simian basketball player who's too dumb to keep a 9-5 job.
Not racist against blacks: In modern US, black criminals commit a high amount of crime against their own race.
Racist against whites: Noah Leibowitz said white company owners have white privilege to account for their success.
Not racist against whites: I don't like Donald Trump- he tells his colleagues to make alternative facts in news media.
Racist against Asians: The asian driver has small eyes, hence he can't drive well.
Not racist against Asians: North Korea is a terrible place to live cuz it has limited freedom.
Racist against Hispanics: I think since Latina women are hot, they make good drug cartel babies.
Not racist against Hispanics: We need Mexico to pay for the border wall since they keep allowing their poor to take advantage of our nation's welfare system, draining money from other programs.
Notice how I differentitated among the racist and not racist statements. Racist statements were attacking people in various ways. The first one was calling someone an insulting term. The second one was saying a race has privilege if they're coincidentally successful in a field. The third one was putting down someone of a race. The fourth one was assuming someone was a criminal cuz of their ethnicity. Not racist statements didn't focus on the race of the person to insult them. First one was saying a race killed too many of its own kind, which is scientifically proven. Second one was criticizing a politician, not the race of the politician. Third one was attacking a nation and giving actual reasons to not like that nation. Fourth one was saying how people who are illegal immigrants take advantage of a nation welfare system. Pay attention to these statements to identify a racist statement from a non racist. Bye and kapeesh my friends.
by Fabulous Max June 25, 2017
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Term used to describe stereotypes in general, racism, tribalism, sexism, etc. can be used to refer to something as "not cool"
1. Chuck: Hey, check out this lady. I bet you she doesn't know how to fix a light bulb
El: That's racist mahn

2. Don: I recently got me a pitbull. It got loose and chased my neighbor till she shit her pants
Me: Damn, your dog's racist mahn
by elhacka February 11, 2017
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Someone who enjoys a good stereotypical disparaging joke about another group of people. Maybe too include their own.
The black guy was a racist because he could not get enough of the Polish guys Polack jokes.
by Darby Shine September 13, 2016
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1. A person who's hate towards someone or a group of people is motivated by race.

2. A word used by someone when they lose a debate.
1. Billy insisting that the problems in from the Black American community is due to blacks being inferior and lazy instead of realizing how much they endured from slavery, segregation, and current systematic oppression indicates that he is a stupid racist.

2. Person 1: "I think that ILLEGAL immigrants should be deported."
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 1: " because having undocumented people in our country is dangerous."
Person 2: "Racist!"
by Darealshadyslim January 25, 2017
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Indiscriminate use the term "Racist" has resulted in a dilution of the meaning. The term used to mean a belief in racial superiority and favor of one race over another. Today it generally means "Asshole".
by CigarVolante September 28, 2017
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