Why must we all be such racist whores. At each others necks with knives waiting for someone to do something racist. Hey assholes, count how many fingers you have, then have another ethnic person count how many fingers they have. OH MY GOD WE ALL HAVE 5 FINGERS!!!! How strange! I think we are all equally racist. Whites, blacks, jews, indians, asians, arabians, christians, retards, gays, and genders, we like to up our standards by putting down someone else's. I look back on Dr. Kings speech, and really, looking today, the only thing that has changed was law.
"those cracker-ass bitches be the most racist people!"
"those dirty negroes have no place here. Why did we even bring them here in the first place?"
"lazy Americans are so dishonorable, they bring shame to their nation. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
"i may be a white ass cracker but at least I'm not a racist!!!"
by WAKE UP REALITY!!! November 23, 2009
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Old - One that believes his race to be superior.

New - Somebody that does not agree with the political agenda of a Minority organization.
What do you mean you don't support affirmative action? You racist!
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1. Someone who is prejudiced against people of other races
2. The majority of definitions for racist here on Urban Dictionary
3. A term stupid people use for something that isn't fair
1. Racist Guy- I will never hire a white person, they are all stupid pigs.
Me- You sir, are a racist.
2. Common Urban Dictionary definition- All black people are racist. They hate white people.
Me- By saying all black people are racist, that makes you racist.
3. Me- I disagree with your theory.
Idiot- The only reason you're saying that is because I'm white! YOU RACIST!!!!
by fdhyhjeryj4 January 18, 2009
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insecure, ignorant, people with no other task in life but to degrade and demean people of a different race but really only degrade themselves unless they are around other racists
Person1: that guy over there is a racists

Person2: he said that all (certain reace of people) are dimb


P1: That guy is sooooooo racist

P2: why did you say that?

P1: he said (certain race of people) are better than everyone else
by Cbreezy145 December 22, 2008
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Someone who disagrees with, or wins an argument against a liberal, especially against a nonwhite liberal.
How dare you oppose affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, bilingual education & voter ballots in 60 languages! Are you telling me that black people have to meet the same standards as white people, and that immigrants have to learn English in order to make it in American society? You're such a racist!
by Omega Death November 10, 2005
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Someone who doesn't like certain races. They can be extreme like the KKK, or even minor like calling somone the N word. They think their race is the best and makes fun of others. By seperating or picking out someone by their race, they are being racist.
Racist: "You probably cant get a job because your black, you smell cuz ur brown and you can't see because your asian. HAHA, im soo funny and creative."
Normal guy: "your just an insecure jerk with no creativity or morals. You think its funny, but thats just being a pussy by being racist."
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
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A term so over-used in recent years that it has become meaningless.
"Racist" is being used to mean just about everything these days, and nothing.
by fifilarue January 15, 2016
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