Someone who believes their race or culture is superior to any othe. Or, someone who makes crude remarks to another's race or insults them. Although, despite what most black people think, not all white people are racist. The majority aren't. To say all white people are racist is morally low and pathetic.
All racist people should die a horrible horrible death.
by Cyto February 28, 2003
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Any person with anger or prejudice towards another race; any person who discriminates based on race; anyone who criticses or characterises a person because of their race.

Racists come in every shape and color. Being black is not an immunity from racism. In fact, many blacks are more racist than white people. For an example of typical black racism see white person and Cracker
"Yo, look at that honkey-cracker." = black racist
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A word that seems like only blacks know the true meaning of. I always thought it meant a dislike towards people of a different color until a black guy called me racist for not giving him my wallet.
Black guy: Hey whitey do you know what time it is?
White guy: No im sorry I don't know.
Black guy: Oh I get it you don't know the time cause im black.
White guy: Your kidding right?
Black guy: You racist bitch, I go get all my gangstas and we be poppin caps in yo cracka ass.
by Matt111 January 06, 2008
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Feigning superiority over another person and then gather a following of others as justification for doing so. A weapon of mass destruction that has killed more people than all the wars combined.
The racist said to another racist:
"I hate you because you have blue eyes" and 50 people with blue eyes were hung.
The other racist said:
"I hate you because you have black hair" and 50 people with black hair were hung.
The third racist said:
"Wtf you guys are white, you should die then" and 100 white people were hung.
Later, all the racists were hung for crimes against humanity.
by Relyk March 03, 2009
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The majority of the definition writers here on Urban Dictionary. If you look up Jew,Muslim,Asian, or African American, then you are bound to find some racist definitions.
Racist people write way to many definitions on here. Therefore, Racist people should get a life.
by starwarsgeek133 May 14, 2010
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Literally anything white people do that doesn’t benefit, compliment, or otherwise applaud any other race.
“Hello fine sir, it seems you are having some minor issues carrying that crate, may I assist you?”
Black guy: don’t need yo help fuckin racist
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 May 05, 2018
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