An adjective used to describe something you don't like or agree with.
"Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration? That's racist!"
by JustAGuy24 May 15, 2016
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Anyone who disagrees with Obama.

Interestingly enough, the word has nothing at all to do with race relations.
by el nuko September 14, 2009
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A person whose actions are primarily informed by racism. A person who says that they can't be racist due to what race they are is a racist.
That racist asshole was giving me shit for being white.
by Deprogram October 12, 2005
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Why must we all be such racist whores. At each others necks with knives waiting for someone to do something racist. Hey assholes, count how many fingers you have, then have another ethnic person count how many fingers they have. OH MY GOD WE ALL HAVE 5 FINGERS!!!! How strange! I think we are all equally racist. Whites, blacks, jews, indians, asians, arabians, christians, retards, gays, and genders, we like to up our standards by putting down someone else's. I look back on Dr. Kings speech, and really, looking today, the only thing that has changed was law.
"those cracker-ass bitches be the most racist people!"
"those dirty negroes have no place here. Why did we even bring them here in the first place?"
"lazy Americans are so dishonorable, they bring shame to their nation. HAHAHAHAHAHA"
"i may be a white ass cracker but at least I'm not a racist!!!"
by WAKE UP REALITY!!! November 23, 2009
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Old - One that believes his race to be superior.

New - Somebody that does not agree with the political agenda of a Minority organization.
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