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This is when a person wins, or does well at something. It is a combination of the name quinn, and the verb winning. Together they make the adjective Quinning. It originates from charlie sheen saying duh winning.
Chad-"Hey how did Quinn do in the boxing ring today?"
sylvester-"Come on... it's Quinn. Duh, He was Quinning"

"You need to vote Quinn for president; Didn't you know quinning is winning"
by melon madness October 13, 2013
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When you get a boner and then cum 3 seconds later because you’re a sex pest.
I was thinking about Lucy last night and I was β€˜quinning’ so hard!
by The Good Peter Peterson October 23, 2017
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She was quinning in the lunchroom and everyone laughed.
by Rudy Paredes October 18, 2019
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The act of winning a gold medal in a distance sport, preferably rowing, and then having sexual intercourse with the medal still on within the same night as the race.

Various levels of quinning exist as one may still quinn with the achievement of a silver or bronze medal but will dubbed as half or third quinning, respectively.
Rower 1: "Ayyy, nice job on getting first at that regatta mayne "
Rower 2: "Thanks, now I'm looking forward to quinning"

Rower 1: "Heard you quinned last night, hell yeah son"

Rower 2: "Yeah, but that medal got in the way a bit..."
by felixpetrichor February 04, 2016
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To pull a "Quinn" is to expose your penis and wipe it up against a police car.
Usually performed when under the influence of alcohol on the walks home from parties, pub-crawls etc.

Jeremy was not too happy with the police, so he Quinned the nearest copcar he could find.
by iamtehownz March 11, 2007
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Knowing you're going to do well on a maths exam.

Doing well on a maths exam.
Isaac: "Dude are you set for Maths B?"
Harry: "Yeah mate I', Quinning."

Isaac: "What did you get for Maths B?"
Zac: "A, up from my C last year!"
Isaac & Zac: "QUINNING!"
by quinning101 March 21, 2012
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Quinning - To surround yourself with the opposite members of sex and act a player to hide your true sexuality.
Guy 1 - "OMG look at Jim! He is surrounded by loads of girls. What a player!"

Guy 2 - "Nah man. He is just Quinning it"
by VoidNinja February 14, 2014
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