aright quine, how are u girl?
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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a term that a loon from Aberdeen, Scotland would use to describe a lass that he finds attractive and aspires to date
'see thon quine there, she's a braw looking lass ken?'
by d'echo September 21, 2015
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forum acronym: quote is not edit.

Refers to the situation when intending to edit your post you misclick and quote it instead, resulting in two identical posts; thence the second post you replace with 'edit:quine'
Used at SA forums

variants 'QuINE', 'qine', 'quote is not edit'
(first post)
(following post with the same content as the first)
(later edit of the second post) edit: quine
by CapriciousTwisper April 22, 2010
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This is when a person wins, or does well at something. It is a combination of the name quinn, and the verb winning. Together they make the adjective Quinning. It originates from charlie sheen saying duh winning.
Chad-"Hey how did Quinn do in the boxing ring today?"
sylvester-"Come on... it's Quinn. Duh, He was Quinning"

"You need to vote Quinn for president; Didn't you know quinning is winning"
by melon madness October 14, 2013
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Being a Tegan and Sara fan to the extent of Twittering enough to make #sainthood a trendint topic on Twitter, with the help of others who also got Quinned.
A: Please RT: #sainthood #teganandsara #thainthood
B: Quinned!
A: ...
B: Okay, I'm retweeting. Care to get me a copy of Sainthood? :D
by discohospital October 27, 2009
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Quin is a beautiful, friendly chick who everyone wants to be friends with. She is cute, not to mention talented! All the guys want her, because of her stunning looks and down-to-earth personality. She is smart, hot, and co-ordinated. She has a flat stomach, of course, and beautiful, glossy hair.
That Quin is gorgeous.
by coolkiwichick May 29, 2011
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The act of completely obliterating someone's previous statement by saying the word 'ok'. Even more effective than similar, 'Cool Story Bro'.
Them: "Hey dude.. I just got back from the mall with Lisa. She was super fun to hang out with, and she's exactly like me in every way you can think of."

You: "Ok."

Them: "I love you."

You: "Ok."

by getquinnedfoo May 4, 2011
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