A large body of rednecks in the United States who believe that their hackneyed interpretation of christian morality should be enforced as law to the exclusion of all other beliefs.
Y'all Queda just decided all the police cruisers in town should sport an "In God we Trust" bumper sticker paid for with our atheist tax dollars.
by UrbanAristophanes January 2, 2016
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1) The Rightwing religious nutjobs that fueled the Tea Party and fits most perfectly the 74 Million Plus Trump voters threatening violence (or perpetrating it) in service to #45’s quest to overturn the 2020 Elelction

The name is fashioned off of the Terrorist Group Al-Qiada with a twist of irony . . . because these Groups of people commit the same types of violent terroristic acts that the extremist Muslim group commits. Q-Anon, the KKK and other white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys can be considered their Military Wing, while Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and other Rightwing media mouth pieces can be considered their ‘Radical Imams’.

2) The Republican/Trump supporters who live in the regions of the United States called ‘Dumbfuckistan’ in the most recently updated meme of the same name
“Honestly we need to be very wary of what Y’all-Queda’ might do once the certification takes place on January 6th . . . they’re chomping at the bit for ‘second amendment remedies
by D_BantuMann December 21, 2020
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A white terrorist organization who commit terrible crimes against people of color
-Mike "hey did you hear of the buffalo shooting?"
-Ben "yeah I heard he was a member of the Y‘all queda"
by cookiebot August 24, 2022
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Squirrels trained by Osama Bin Laden to suicide bomb the transformers of America's educational systems
Kid: We got let out of skool early.

Dad: Why?

Kid: Al Queda Squirrels blew up the skools transformers.
by 11th Tier drummer August 27, 2009
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The simulation of crashing an airplane into a big tower.
I passed the Al-Queda flight simulator so now I can go suicide bombing! :D
by Ghaldor13 July 20, 2010
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