The greatest player of hide and seek the world has ever known, rivalled only by Wally/Waldo.
Where, where, where, where's Osama?

Let's play hide and seek, just like Osama Bin Laden does for a living!
by ninja doll August 13, 2007
Where is that Osama Bin Laden?
by iHasNoodles December 15, 2009
Kind of like Waldo, only with a turban instead of a striped hat.
"Where's Waldo"? Do I wanna fucking play "Where's Waldo"? No man, I wanna fucking play "Where's Osama Bin Laden".

Now THAT'S a challenge.
by Hans Gehrke April 22, 2009
Obama's speech to the U.S.- "Osama Bin Laden is now a dead bitch."
by 123498312384 May 2, 2011