(adj.) Much like "rocket science," this term is used to describe any activity which may seem overly intricate to the average Joe Sixpack.
I asked Billy Bob to program the DVR to automatically record WWE every week. He looked at me like I expected him to perform brain surgery.
by fugitive247 November 11, 2004
The act of getting head from a female that is very talented and skillful at her craft.
"Yo son, I chilled with some giraffe lookin' broad last night and got some serious brain surgery"
by Mikey C Notes October 17, 2006
A term for a type of oral sex that lasts at least 2 hours and includes extremely cautious and detailed oral contact. In order to perform or receive Brain Surgery, both parties must be well prepped, fed, and cleaned prior to the act.
"Dude, Josh is still in there getting brain surgery!"
"I know. I wonder if he's gonna make it."
by JARS December 1, 2007
Look inside and you will see
The words are cutting deep inside my brain
Oh they're burning, quickly turning
Knife of words is driving me insane
Yeah, yeah

Raven black is on my track
Please show me how to neutralise the knife
Show to me in surgery
The art of fighting words to conquer life
Conquer life
Yeah, yeah

Ooh baby, I can rock and roll
Ooh baby, get out of my soul
Now the wicked lance of fear
Driven from my heady mouth and brain
Crash course in brain surgery
Has stopped the bloody knife of love again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
by I love you Maxim September 30, 2022
In Halo series games, a headshot with a 'Human' sniper rifle, or S2 AM sniper rifle. The rifles caliber is 14.5mm. Thus, a 14.5mm brain surgeon, is a good sniper.
Sniper to opposing player: "Well i dont know if i can fix your level of stupid, but I would like to see the effects of some 14.5 mm brain surgery!" (THis statement is either following, or is followed by, several sniper rifle shots.
by strangr236 May 1, 2008