"oh lord, did i just qeef myself?" O_o this is my first word ^_^
by bread infection December 30, 2005
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When the penis leaves thee vigina to quickly or hardly it often makes a air socket, hence making qeef while leaving the vigina. Also could be considered a vigina fart.
I was fucking this girl really hard last night and she qeefed, it was disgusting.
by Qwan Elso March 29, 2005
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When, after an extended episode of concentrated reasoning, a lady realises that she has discovered a hitherto overlooked flaw in Einstein's Relativity Theory but coherent speech is made an impossibility due to an intense level of sexual excitement, she must resort to an audible vaginal emission to convey her profundities to any fortunate peer within earshot. The pungency of the resultant qeef can be overpowering and is directly proportional to the originality and validity of the lady's deductions.
Man, mid-coitus: "Phwoah?! What was that?"
Lady, ditto: "That, Archibald, was a post-structuralist analysis of the novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens."
Man: "It friggin' stinks!"
by cheddarfloor April 20, 2005
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When you have air traped in your vagina {From sex} or a fart through your vagina!
Guy #1"Dude, did you smell her qeef?"

Guy #2"No, but I herd it!"

Chick #1"Opps!;D"
by Dasexiassmothafucka July 15, 2011
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A person who has sex with a nasty girl and huffs her qeff after sex.
The person who doesnt think farts smell must be a qeef huffer.
by Manuelo January 28, 2007
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The definiton of qeef squirt juice is when you fart from your vagina and green brown poop comes out to.

You usally get this when eat alot of beans and put hot sauce and ketchup on them.

This could be very dangerous if you get a qeef squirt juice in school. kids will make fun of you -_-
OH MAN ! ; i got smelly qeef squirt juice in my pants;
i shouldnt of had those beans with hot sauce and ketchup on them =\
by cookiefart June 29, 2009
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