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A particular brand of cookware that is commonly used for making crack cocaine.
"Back to the kitchen, that PYREX vision" -Juelz Santana
by teensex. March 12, 2006
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pyrex is the cookware used in traps to make crack for all dem nittys out there
1 - yo g im whipping pyrex styll

2 - safe sn g
by d207 April 2, 2019
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Nickname given to really funny people. Used in making crack cocaine, so the nickname is very punny!
"Yo, that joke Aj said was hilarious! we should call him Pyrex!
by tokenfro November 26, 2011
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A term used by Miss Shand, Evil Eyes and Co. This is the secret evil code which means, do everything you can to sabotage Jordan, Vuka, and Beau's Cooking.
"Hey evil eyes, PYREX". Says Miss Shand.
"Okay Shand, I'll stop their microwave and destroy their chicken." Says Evil Eyes.
by Bob Jane November 2, 2003
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An expert in the manufacture of crack cocaine often the using pyrex brand dishware .
Ghostface Killah "Kilo" lyrics... The chemist is brolic, pyrex scholars ,Professors at war over raw, killing partners for a million dollars
by brain/brain May 29, 2010
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