81 definitions by sky

someone who eats almost any leftover,spoiled,old,or just nasty food.
When you get stoned you turn into the human gaarbage disposal.
by sky May 10, 2003
a person who refuses to admit to his or herself that sexual gratificatoin can only be achived through the use of machines.
by sky May 9, 2003
The word the means shite all from Mary Poppins
*Supercalifregalisticispialidocious even though the sound of it is simply quite atrocious*
by sky February 22, 2005
A person who is pretending to be a retard or a spastic.
What de fuck, you're such a spaco
by sky May 13, 2003
1.a junt is a person of the opposite sex that you messed around with
2. a lil junt is someone of the opposite sex that u mess around with for money and material items
3.a main junt is your serious boyfriend or girlfriend that you really want to be with
Im going to have to get my lil junt to buy me some shoes. you know
by sky April 1, 2005