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The reason why Mojo Jojo gets Rb(s)
*wiggle wiggle...Look up da word "Tightness" in the dictionary ^^
by sky April 11, 2005
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Co-exister of the jew leader Paine
"where's paine?"
"i don't know, haven't seen him"
"where's mashlin"
"member that boyle on paine?"
by sky September 17, 2003
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a small,filterless,cogniac-dipped cigar.
by sky May 9, 2003
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Someone who gets psychological pleasure from inflicting pain on someone who enjoys it.
In BDSM, the Sadist pleasures the masochist, because the endorphin rush from the pain is pure pleasure.
by sky August 11, 2003
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A place full of teachers who hate u so they send u home work then if u dont turn it in they get so mad they give u a report card with bad grades so ur parents r mad at u 2
teacher:did u do ur homework
kid:no i got hit by a car
teacher:thats no excuse im giving u a bad grad Ha Ha Ha
by sky June 2, 2004
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when you have dry sex and your penis is rubbed raw by the inside of your pants.
My dick i red from the grope burn my girlfreind gave me.
by sky May 9, 2003
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