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The frontman of the Beatles, brilliant song writer and musical Jesus. Decieved by the succubus Yoko Ono. He is bigger than Jesus and greater than you. Bow down.
John Lennon is greater than you. Go die.
by pwner February 27, 2005
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when sweet no longer rectifies as something being cool. Also can be used by geeks worldwide
that d00d si 1 sw33n m0f0
by pwner March 17, 2003
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A silly n00b who always gets pwned but doesnt even know it
warped just got warped by gin666 and moxin
by pwner February 14, 2003
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a common typo of owned that is used in the same way, or more sarcasticly to mock 1337 speak. If you think pwned can be attributed to a single source you are retarded.
retard1: pwned originated with quake
retard2 no it started with warcraft
nonretard: Its a fucking typo, like 'teh'or 'pron'. I you were older than 11 you'd know typos happened even before 1337 made tham 'cool'.
otherguy:you faggots just got pwned!
by pwner February 16, 2005
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Like 0wning, but better.
Wow irc.gamesnet.net #v76 is really pwning today!
by pwner February 9, 2003
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It's the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

All of your posts are not FDA-approved.
by pwner July 28, 2004
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