(1st post) Wow! I just (x)
(2nd post) (y) pwned!
by Tom Cover May 31, 2005
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A cry of desperation, generally indicating that the person so fixated on another to use such a term is actually the one owned. Either she is owned by her obsession, hatred, infatuation, or has been manipulated into a feverish emotional state that consumes her. In either case, the obsessive or manipulated person, unable to control themselves, owns only the ability to cry out a laughable claim of "victory".
~ a bitch little hacker boy, in an embarrassing attempt to impress his dream girl, hacks into her ex-boyfriend's computer. His cry of pwning the man his dreamgirl is stalking further relegates him to the "friendzone" for her. His obsessive jealousy owns him.
by Sad-for-Rusty July 28, 2007
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pwns is just something someone made up.
pwn means to get a head shot in a game like counter strike.
Joo just got pwned bitch!!
by jack February 20, 2005
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another word used for OWN. or, facial (if your into the eighties)or more commonly known as ROAST or BURN.
Dang, you just got pwned, are you gonna let him talk to you like that??
by KALENAAA June 12, 2007
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The total domination or shut down of a person place or thing.
1. I pwn you!
2. Ya'll just got pwned
3. Yo brother just got pwned oh what?!?
4. Just got pwned mate.
5. No mes esa I pwn you homes!
by AnonymousPerson18472 December 02, 2010
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acronym for pretty-wierd-nigger, or party-while-naked
check out that Pwn. (pretty weird nigger)
by cody0826 April 26, 2008
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The word is actually a meaning of the word 'own' which comes from the same category. For example you pwn players just like you own players at a game of halo2 on X-Box live
Ready to pwn some noobs?
by Bobby Sprinkles July 19, 2006
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