Prison term for but rape.
person 1: Hey when u are in prison try not to drop the soap.

Person 2: why?

Person 1: You'll get pwned
by Dante Was Here July 10, 2008
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Pwn has its origins from the famous jailhouse term poon. To be pooned means one will be in the shower, or in their cell and another inmate will beat the pooner up then rape them thus making them the pooney.
I could hear your screams from your pwning all night long, that must have hurt like a bitch.
by Fudgetastic May 30, 2006
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1. A combonation of the words pow and own.

2. A mispelling of own used to insult an opponent.
I pwn Tyler Sandmeyer's ass.
by neoNigga April 09, 2004
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A gaming term used to mean one of two things

1. "Power Owned", meaning that the player who was defeated was beaten quickly and easily, offering little to no resistance to the victorious player.

2. "Pistol Owned", used mainly in first person shooters. Refers to a player being soundly defeated by the victorious player, who used only a low-powered pistol or similar weak, initial weapon.
1. I'm about to completely pwn this noob in Halo 3.

2. That guy's a pro! He just respawned and didn't even pick up a weapon, he pwned me like I was a noob!
by Tekid October 25, 2007
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player own - typically mistaken as "power own". a term used for players/by players who dominate another player without breaking a sweat
go play a video game, talk trash and lose, thats called pwned.
by JAXXXXXX December 29, 2007
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To own hard core. It can never be spelt Powned because thats just the way it is.
"DUUUDEE you just got PWNED"
by Ohyeahher May 20, 2010
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