4 definitions by DopefishJustin

Fantastically gay; homosexual in a flamboyant or otherwise excessive fashion.
That web site design is gaytastic. I mean, what's with all the animated GIFs?
by DopefishJustin November 29, 2003
The noun form of the verb "sucks". Used to connote a lack of quality or skill. Can also be used as an interjection.
"This 486 is sux."
"I just beat you 45-0, you are obviously sux."
"Haha sux!"
by DopefishJustin June 30, 2003
Like the cracker usage of own, only more so. Can be used as an verb, adjective, or possibly even a noun (although pwnage is more suited to use as a noun).

Pronunciations vary; "pone" is favored at the 3drealms.com forums although I personally prefer something like "pwun" or "pw'n" (preserving the "w" sound).
v: Haha, I just pwned you at UT2003!
adj: Wow, this new site is pwn!
n: Another excellent pwn by R4nd0md00d134!
by DopefishJustin January 5, 2003
The less-common antonym of sux; the quality of being very good or skilled.
"Haha, I just defeated you all. I am rox."
by DopefishJustin June 30, 2003