when a person or people are happy, angrey, or excited and decides to take a sledgehammer and find a bush and just start beating the ground around it.
Tom was so mad when his girl-friend dumped him that he started to go beating around the bush to release stress.
by Joey J. G. October 31, 2007
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"If i were you, i wouldnt have sex with her. You'd be beating around the bush."

"Why man?"

"'Cause she doesnt shave it!"
by Kyle, Travis January 14, 2006
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"beating" see masturbating; "bush" see vagina
stop beating around the bush; let's slap skins
by save November 19, 2002
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To talk about something without mentioning it directly or avoid getting to the core of the subject--to try to bring up a subject in a roundabout way. Often motivated from a desire not to speak frankly about the subject, either because the subject is taboo, it's impolite to bring it up directly, or the conversation is perceived likely to be painful.
Well, Joe, I heard you were thinking about selling your car...

instead of

So, Joe, how much did you want for that Explorer of yours?


Susy, what are your plans for the future?

instead of

Susy, will you marry me?
by Chris Capel April 12, 2004
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Not telling it like it is, not telling the truth directly.
Person #1: So, are you really a musician?

Person #2: Well, you see, I've written some songs and uh, a friend of a friend knows this guy who'll can get a record deal and....

Person #1: Come on, stop beating around the bush...
by Na March 30, 2004
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