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1. To proverbially pimp slap a man so bad and knock his punk ass down the ladder of respect that he can no longer be considered a man, but rather, a pussy.
2. The process and/or method, act of turning a guy, character, situation, etc. into nothing more than a pansied wordpussy/word.
1. Jack pussified himself when he told his boys he was scared to talk to a girl.

2. Kevin was pussified by his classmates when he told the gym teacher he didn't want to run, because it would mess up his hair.
by Tai July 31, 2003
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1. To dub or export something from Japan, and turn it into a little kids' thing.

2. To turn a object/person into a pussy.
by Omega Ridley November 07, 2003
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The act of excusing children and adults of their actions. This enables them to lie, cheat, hurt others, make choices that are hurtful to themselves and blame others for it. It gives them a false sense of self worth and only hurts themselves.
I went to a soccer game played by 12 yr olds and the score wasn't kept. They all received trophies for their efforts. A nice concept but they're being pussified and this won't help them strive for gold in their futures. They're being given a false sense of accomplishment. This is pussify.
by Sandiman May 09, 2018
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