22 definitions by Chad Apollo

Someone who isn’t necessarily better than average looking but still enjoys overwhelming success with the ladies. The attraction is based on charisma, charm and confidence rather than pure physical attractiveness.
Did you see how Gary had all the ladies hanging all over him all night? He’s a skilled poon hunter!
by Chad Apollo February 19, 2021
A woman who can consistently hit her target with her female ejaculation.
Tiana was able to squirt into his mouth from over three feet away! She's a very talented girl and clearly a squirtmaster!
by Chad Apollo November 28, 2017
A man who is satisfied and content with the single lifestyle, in spite of having many opportunities to be involved in a romantic relationship.
Don't bother trying to get Steve to date Alicia. He's a happy evasive bachelor.
by Chad Apollo December 29, 2021
A legal document that has become necessary before sexual activity by new sexual partners in the post #metoo era.
This is my living room and here is my kitchen. Please sign the sexual consent form if you want to see my bedroom.
by Chad Apollo January 23, 2018
A description of a weak guy who has lost all masculine qualities and instincts.
Can you believe that Ed apologized to Jan for mansplaining? He used to be cool but now he's completely pussified.
by Chad Apollo February 11, 2021
A person who is unusually talented at performing cunnilingus.
Adriana keeps forgiving her boyfriend no matter what he does. He must be a poonboss.
by Chad Apollo September 27, 2017
A woman who insists on having condom free sex.
Yeah, I know that Taylor's a sperm collector, but I don't have to worry about getting her pregnant. I've already been snipped!
by Chad Apollo December 15, 2017