Prepared rhymes/Bars thatchu kick in a battle. You could say the opposite of a freestyle. sometimes it's hard to tell wether it's freestyle or if its a punch line.
Man, that aint' freestyle he prepared those rhymes on the way here.

2. Dude: yeah, damn punch lines i'm tellin' ya..
by whatchu lookin' at October 26, 2006
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a phrase that kills an openent in a freestlye rap battle
yo ill sting you Draztik Rhymes (pkay) That would be considerd as a punchlines
by Pkay the guy from draztik September 07, 2008
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The moment when someone punches you in the face to make his point.
- Dude, what's wrong?
- Ugh, I've just got punchlined.
by MoonSister October 23, 2010
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when you punch someone so hard you only see a line
damn you just punch lined him.
MAn you punched lined the crapoo out of him
by someone April 01, 2005
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