A mode of play on Guitar Hero that speeds up the notes and spreads them out, making them easier to read. Whether Hyper Speed is cheating or not is often a topic of debate.

Many in favor of HS have had previous experience in music games such as Pump It Up, DrumMania, Guitar Freaks, Dance Dance Revolution, and Beatmania IIDX, all of which have speed modifiers. Speed mods have come to be widely accepted by many players in the music game community and to say to these people that Hyper Speed is cheating would be like starting a fight with an entire (American) football team.

Pro-HS players with no previous music game experience argue that Hyper Speed does not change the notes or the song, and may make songs *harder* by halving the time one has to read the notes.

Additionally, Hyper Speed is the only code that scores can be saved under, and the Guitar Hero ranking site Score Hero accepts scores acheived with Hyper Speed.

Those against HS argue that it makes the game easier, and thus it is grounds for cheating. In addition, when the code for HS is entered, the text "CHEAT ENABLED: HYPER SPEED" pops up--thus, some consider this a cheat in the technical sense. However, others may counter this argument, saying that the "Performance Mode" modifier, which hides the game's HUD and also rings up the "CHEAT ENABLED" text, would also be cheating despite making the game more difficult.
Random player: "I just beat Jordan Expert...I used Hyper Speed though, does it count?"
Pro-HS player: "Who cares, I've been using hi-speed codes for years."
Anti-HS player: "Yes it is, I'd rather see someone fail a song on Easy without Hyper Speed than see someone get 5 stars with HS!"
by Raymoo October 17, 2007
The state of being fast--really fast. Usually associated with the infamous Sam Xu. No one has ever reached it, but once it is obtained, the possibilities are endless.
"Heh, so that's how you reach hyper speed."-Sam Xu, while studying his computer screen
by 1_uca March 13, 2005
The god of the internet. His mad Pokemon skills far surpass yours. Hyper Speed does not give a FUCK what you think, and he is going to kill you.
by Dan Stan March 12, 2005