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A smart, funny, persistent girl. Who is exceedingly amazing at sport. She's always the leader of a crowd. And who's beauty is over average. She is an amazing kisser and is also known as the seductive God of love. Her sense of style is quite amazing and so is her creativity. If you are looking for a steaming night this girl is the way to go! She's as tough as old boots but has a soft heart and very supportive but beware she can be violent if needed.
Guy: "Hey Elise, Looking good!"
Elise: "Listen I know I'm amazing but seriously go feast on someone else's ass"
Guy: "Come on, give me one night"
Elise: "Il give you ne night to get your Puney head round the fact that I don't fuck scrawny runts"
by Tsima February 24, 2015
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always makes an awsome best friend, no matter what. She is soo halarious. Her hair is normally long and the colour varies from blonde to brunette. She kicks ass...all the time. Teachers are scared of her because she is amazing.
Suuper duper smart, almost god-like even.
"Did u see her, she has tons of friends?"

"Well ofcourse she does..her name is Elise"
by Unicornlover312 January 07, 2012
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is a name for a woman who is astonishingly beautiful. Her hair varies from blonde to brunette. She is a kind hearted person, who is driven, and motivated, but still finds time to help others. She can be a little shy and awkward, but it's always the in the sexiest way. Elise's rarely cause conflict and are friendly with everyone. In addition, they usually have a hot ass and a perfect rack.
Guy 1: "Have you seen Elise tonight?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she accidentally spilled her drink on that guy over there. She just wiped his chest and he moved in for a kiss. Classic"
Guy 1: "Damn it! I love Elise. I'm going to find her."
Guy 2: "Good luck dude, everyone here is already after her."
by isnotsubordinate December 06, 2010
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hi, i'm elise. god sent me. i'm here for the booze. i'd really like to fuck that sexy ass boy devin. he's a cutie.
by Devin :] September 22, 2006
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Mad, mentally retarded but lovable and funny. Independent, stands out from the crowd in a good way.
OMG she's so Elise
by Emzyiscute January 23, 2009
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The common brown mushroom, typically found in cold, moister enviroments, are not especially interesting except for the fact that they are a mushroom.
Have you found any Elise's in the underbrush there?
by dagner davis September 30, 2018
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