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Make a silly mistake. Though this phrase seems to possess sexual connotations due to a shift in the meaning of the word "boner", the original phrase actually has racist origins.


The expression "to pull a boner" comes from the old American minstrel shows. There was a man in these shows who was called Mr. Bones because he carried two small sticks of bone that he used as an instrument. He was asked questions by one of the other men in the show, just to get stupid but funny answers. This became known as "pulling boners." But in time, the expression, "to pull a boner," meant something more than getting an answer to make you laugh. It meant a bad blunder a mistake that was costly. And a man who pulled such boners was often described as a "bonehead."
Either put down the Heinie or the hammer drill. Are you trying to pull a boner? Beer and power tools simply don't mix!
by NorwegianBlue October 23, 2009
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Old term for making a mistake.

Ususally phrased "pulled a boner".

Why the word bone or boner means mistake, I have no idea:

Perhaps from accidentally hitting your funny bone, acting like a bonehead; or a grave robber pulling out a bone instead of jewels from a grave...just guessing!

Nowadays if you tell someone you "pulled a boner" they might think you are gay if you are a man or horny if you are a woman!
They really pulled a boner when they hired that bozo to run the steam roller: he flattened a BMW!

I thought that black guy on the phone was white--pulled a boner on that one!

Don't pull a boner this time you dope!
by thedzone September 26, 2009
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To make a stupid mistake due to lack of adequate contemplation or thoughtfulness. Originated from the fact that boners do not need much thought to take form.
Son: Dad, how'd you get the truck stuck trying to pull the car out of the snowbank?
Father: Ah, I pulled a boner.

Sergent: Don't pull a boner.
Bomb Squad Member: Alright.
by BeetusInUs July 09, 2013
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