el capitan of the tool family, loser extrordinairre, someone who has a big head and talks big game, but every knows this person is lame and shuns/clowns him/her
will cirimele is a powertool.
by tyrell April 23, 2003
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Power Tool - One who exceeds the normal definition of tool and goes above and beyond in their unknowingness that they are being used.

Currently used to describe the most diligent, hard-working, never-see-sunlight students at MIT.

You may substitute a brand-name power tool to get the desired effect, i.e. Sawzall, or just make the sound/hand motion of using a chainsaw.
This guy can't talk about anything but his classes, and I think he's studied for this one test for a week now, he's such a power tool.
by Mr Bill November 30, 2004
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one who possesses above-and-beyond qualities of toolishness and/or douchebaggery
Guy #1: Man, he's the biggest tool I've ever seen!
Guy #2: Yeah, he's a total power tool.
by definitively October 25, 2009
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a powertool is one who exhibits traits of a trully mookish manner. one who is so annoying that one minute with him/her makes you want to beat them like a cheap rug till they leak blood. in other words a worthless fucking waste of air. in other words someone so dense that their witlessness astounds.
look at that powertool over there mackin on that hoe. kid got no game.
by goon March 12, 2004
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