Pain one experiences upon reaching a growth spurt normally immediately following or sometimes preceding one (varies person to person) normally does not occur while you have the actual growth spurt. The pain experienced is not felt in your bones rather it is in your muscles and tendons as they stretch to keep a proper length in proportion to the length of the bone. Primarily one will feel the pain in his/her legs but it is not out of the ordinary to experience the muscle pain in your arms as well. Typically you will experience growing pains between ages of 3 or 4 to about 18, again this varies from person to person depending on when puberty hits and how tall they are predicted to grow. Some individuals may never experience growing pains. If the pain is other than muscle pain and is felt in the bone you may have splints, or possibly a hairline bone fracture. Or if it is in the muscle and does not pass within a day or two you may have tendinitis.
splints , tendinitis , Growing Pains , Growth Pain
by Not a real doctor May 19, 2009
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An old tv show with
Kirk Cameron
Tracy Gold
Jeremy miller
And Guest apperances by leonardo Decaprio
Did you see growing pains last night! It was awsome!
by Bertha-Wendy February 16, 2007
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When you shave your pubic hair and it grows back, the sharp stubble growing is painful.
I now regret shaving my grundle, I got some serious Growing Pains down there.
by Scotty Beatnut July 22, 2008
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When your testicles become too big for your scrotum. This results in extreme pain.
Growing pains suck worse than getting paid to scratch a monkey's balls!
by Jack N. Eoff August 4, 2008
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The physical pain that occurs when white girls spend too much time on their knees or with their knees pressed behind their elbows.
Damn baby girl, you always leanin' when you try to get up and walk. I think it's because you got those knee growing pains. I
by Ranchgirls November 26, 2020
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This is when you find yourself staying up late to do something that seems like a good idea at the time, but you regret it in the morning. Most commonly this occurs during television watching.

Commedian Jim Gaffigan has brought this issue to light during his stand up routines. In particular, Gaffigan goes into detail about staying up late to watch a Growing Pains marathon. This seems like a great idea at the time, but upon waking up...Growing Pains wasn't such a good idea afterall.

So essentially The Growing Pains Paradox is staying up late for anything that seems like a good idea in the evening. However, due to the lack of sleep you regret the decision in the morning.
"Uggh, why did I stay up last night watching a marathon of Ninja Warrior? I hate The Growing Pains Paradox!"
by Danger33 May 9, 2009
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Man, Mary have me some real bad growing Pains last night. She's such a tease.
by GimpyMcGimpo July 24, 2021
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