A place where you're not allowed to do certain things, but nobody tells you until after you do it.
by Anony-Bro April 30, 2016
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Information that is public. The opposite of personal information.
Some things are personal and others are publical.
by Knitted Fox December 3, 2009
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The place nerds and anyone else of a mentally unstable nature dread most.
Nerd 2: But then we would have to go outside! In public!
Nerd 1 and Nerd 2: ARGHH
by TheGreatDefiner April 16, 2014
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To be in a state of inebriation where as one is no longer capable of functioning in a public environment
Roger just took two of those double stacked pills. He is way beyond publicable.
by The_Pharmacist March 3, 2009
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To get your name on a lot of academic papers for the purpose of padding your publication list, without regard for the impact of the work. Not to be confused with "publish."
He got the faculty job because he publicated like crazy during his postdoc, even though he just tagged along to other people's projects and first-authored some papers in journals nobody reads.1
by labvor May 13, 2016
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-ed / -ing

1. To publically promote oneself via the internet
2. The use of digital content to build popularity and influence
3. Using social media to publicate awesomeness that makes you look even more awesome
If you don’t start publicating yourself even your mom is going to have more followers!

Sue publicated the crap out of that video!

I’m gonna publicate that.
by lambanana July 18, 2011
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someone you are who is attractive enough to be seen in public with; most often used by men to describe the women they have been with or would like to be with
1:I went home with this chic after the bar last night.
2:Oh really? Why don't you bring her camping with us next week?
1:I don't think so, she's not publicable.
by Jimmy Murphy September 2, 2006
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