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To take, to steal. To cheapen something. To act in the cheapest way.
"I skinnered all the stuff from the hotel bathroom!"
"They said no refills but I skinnered one anyway!"

" dude! I went to the China Buffet and filled my tote bag!"

" i plan on skinnering the toilet paper from a public restroom"
"Hey, did u skinner anything in your hotel room?"
" Hey Charles! Look at that skinner over there!"

" Finese sounds gay, skinner is the new thing"

" my dog skinnered an ice cream cone from a little kid"
"I just skinnered a TV off the sidewalk "
"I just skinnered some tasty rabbits from my backyard "
by Sir Barks Alot September 4, 2017
Amos: user12345

*insta story: pic captioned "Amos: user12345"
by Sir Barks Alot April 17, 2017
To tell yourself facts to get rid of a fear. To give yourself reasons to not be afraid
"I psychologized my fear of the roller coaster. Over 1 million people have ridden it and have not died."

"I used to be afraid of heights by I psychologized my way through it"

"Bungee jumping sounds scary! But I'm psychologizing myself to not be afraid."
by Sir Barks Alot March 16, 2017
Usually the first week of varsity soccer practice. The most torturous week of the season to test all of your athletic abilities. It can kinda be seen as hazing.
"Hey do u want to hangout?"
---"sorry man it's Hell Week and I'm exhausted!"

"Damn! Next week is Hell Week!"
by Sir Barks Alot March 16, 2017