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an incredibly expensive process whereby you end up talking more about yourself than you ever thought possible, while learning virtually nothing and becoming increasingly entrenched in your skewed view of reality... or, if it works (which it sometimes does!) a sublime experience of subtle revelation, insight and healing that enables you to be a fuller, happier human who moves more freely through the world than you ever thought possible...
he spent a fortune on psychotherapy, but he's just become more self-obsessed...


i'd never have been able to really love my kids if it hadn't been for psychotherapy -
by embaby April 04, 2007
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A process in which you discuss your personal problems with a "psychotherapist\" who is unable to do anything about it. Not to be confused with psychiatry, in which you're given prescription medications in hope that your life improves.
Don't pay attention to anything you hear about psychotherapy -- IT DOESN'T WORK!!!
by Joan M May 04, 2007
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