jump to conclusions, assume you know someone's mind or true motivations based on very limited evidence. Often used in a negative sense.
Julie: "I'd never date someone who doesn't eat cheese -- he's probably one of those judgmental health nuts."
Jaden: "Whoa, no need to psychoanalyze him! Maybe he just doesn't like the taste."

Louie: "It's been 6 minutes since she last texted. Do you think I said something wrong??"
Aiden: "Dude, calm down. You don't need to psychoanalyze everything she does..."
by CharmanderKabobs September 12, 2021
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when someone is over-analyzing a situation and sounding psychotic when explaining what they think.
Girl: “She thinks her whole family is out to get her..”

Boy: “She’s starting to psychoanalyze everything like a crazy person, poor girl
by Hubolts January 13, 2022
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Past tense of psychoanalyze: to jump to conclusions, assume you know someone's mind or true motivations with very limited evidence
Mallory: "Then she was like, 'He seriously likes kale? I'm guessing he drives a Prius, too.'"
Mick: "Psychoanalyzed me, eh? What an idiot."

Valerie: "He's always acting like he's smarter than everyone. Talking about what they REALLY think when they do this or that."
Vic: "Yeah, he psychoanalyzed me on day 1. I told him to knock it off or I'd knock him out."
by CharmanderKabobs September 12, 2021
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This is what is a process that is carried out by a psychiatrist prior to a person being declared sane or insane, a person undergoing psychoanalyst usually has a reason, which means most people who are psychoanalyzed if found sane still have some BIGGG problems or as they call it in the biz some "issues" goin on upstairs.
Guy: dude i red on your ex's xanga she was gettin psychoanalyzed. that shits fucked up
Me: o damn that enplanes a lot.
Guy: is that why she keeps calling you
Me: i guess so, i mean i haven't called her back in 2 years.
Guy: yep
by Steveopolos April 3, 2007
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