1)The original term for the first sony playstation when it was in development - the playstation x.
2)The new conole being released by sony which is an upgraded playstaion 2 with home enetertainment add ons (eg Tivo like hardisc to record tv)
crash bandicoot ruled on the old psx
crash bandicoot:wrath of cortex sucks balls on the new psx
by Echosnare March 2, 2004
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This is actually the newest version of Sony's ultimate gaming solution, the Playstation. This new console will have a 250GB hard drive, TiVo capabilities, and DVD burner. Isn't available in the states until 2004, and according to rumors, will have a price tag of around $800.
Fuck GameCube, I just got a PSX!
by hits December 15, 2003
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"Hey, a used PSX only costs $50 now."
by Emennius May 23, 2003
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1.The title for the CD drive developed by Sony for the SNES,as a direct competitor to the Mega CD,which after Nintendo cut the deal with Sony,became known as the "Playstation"

2.Sony's most recent,pathetic bid to create an all-in-one home entertainment system.Needless to say,it flopped in Japan and will never be sold in the west
PSX is teh shiz,dudio!

by TallonKarrde March 29, 2005
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Abbreviation for PlayStation X. The X stands for Xtreme, or so I've heard.
I like PSX. It's best games in my opinion are Monster Rancher, the remade version of Chrono Trigger and Monster Rancher 2.
by Alexi August 2, 2003
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you check out the PSX last night, damn dats so hot shit.
by GiGGITY GIGGITY! October 31, 2003
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