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Sexually arousing literature; here's some below written by myself for Wattpad a year ago

First, I’m going to tease you. I’m going to taunt you as I see fit, making you thirst for my naked body more and more with every passing second. I’m going to smile like the naughty coquette I am, lick my lips, and look into your eyes in a way that screams, “Fuck me! Now!”

But I’m going to make you wait.

I’m going to let you get rock hard as you stare at me, imagining all the things you want to do to me in bed. I’m going to let you fantasize about tearing off my clothes and nibbling on my flesh and licking my nipples and fondling my breasts and fucking me in all your favorite positions.

But I’m going to make you wonder, just a little, whether or not you’ll actually get laid.

Only once you’ve reached the pinnacle of horniness, I’m going to grab your crotch and massage your cock through your pants. Then I’m going to slip my hand behind your waistline and jerk you off before whispering, “Take me to bed.” With one fluid swoop of my arms, then, I’m going to strip off my dress, revealing the fact that I’m not wearing panties.

But I’m not going to help you undress.

As you clamber about, trying to kick off your trousers and unbutton your shirt, I’m going to stand there, fingering myself, and let you gawk at my curves, aching to smack my ass and finger my pussy and bury your face in my perfect tits. Then I’m going to push you onto the bed, forcing you to recline.
I wonder how many guys have jerked off to my erotica so far
by I'm A Fucking Unicorn October 10, 2016
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Pornography designed to appeal to women.
I don't like pornography, but erotica is a whole 'nother story, so to speak.
by radiofox April 29, 2005
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As he looked me in the eyes,I could tell that he was wanting me...wanting to feel my hot,wet ,pussy...Knowing that I need to feel him inside of me,his dick throbbing in my pussy...He slowly starts kissing me,working his way down my body as my pussy starts to throb......
by Lynn December 30, 2004
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Sexually arousing material (film, book, pictures or otherwise) that are also of a loving, romantic nature. It can be geared toward straight and gay/lesbian audiances. Also see slash, yuri, yaoi, among others.

As opposed to pornography, which usually is just for the sexual aspect. Pornography has been critcized by feminists as degrading to women.
Homosexual erotica...

"Jonathan embraced David, running his hand through the soft, raven curls of David's hair. David planted soft kisses along his sweetheart's cheek, before their lips met passionately... Jonathan, aching for the feel his beloved David, kissed his way down David's exposed bosom, flicking his tongue lightly over a taut nipple. David moaned in ecstacy. Jonathan growled playfully, his voice husky with desire, tracing his fingertips over his lover's soft flesh, running them from David's belly down to his thigh."
by Lorelili August 15, 2005
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sexual films, writing or talking- used to turn people on...
i looked him straight in the eyes as his hands moved down my hot, desperate body...i needed his huge throbbing cock inside of me...he entered my hot, wet, waiting pussy and...
by groupie February 03, 2005
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An album by Madonna released on October 20th, 1992. The theme evolves mostly around sex, romance, homosexuality, and the AIDS epidemic. Rolling Stone described the album as "a post-AIDS album about romance." Considered some of her most underrated work.
"Erotica is like the sexiest album ever omg!!!"
by Megaera February 07, 2012
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