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code name for marijuana, pot, or weed
"dude you get some PlayStation."

"wus up bro we playing PlayStation tonight?"
by pot smoker420420420 May 18, 2009
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The first video game system by Sony which came out in 1994. Like other popular systems (ex. the Sega Genesis, the Super Nintendo, the X-Box, the Playstation 2, etc.), it also has a good mix of classics and complete fucking garbage. While many people who bought a Playstation may have seen gaming as dorky, they were probably closet gamers in the first place. Also, anyone can play a Playstation (or any system for that matter); it's not limited to those who have some sort of stupid grudge against hip-hop. After all, if video games had nothing to do with hip-hop or rap before the Playstation, then Nintendo was stupid for doing the "Zelda Rap" and Sega wouldn't have had Ice Cube in their Sega Saturn ads.
"Crash Bandicoot, Parappa the Rapper, and Final Fantasy Tactics are good Playstation games."
by DuckKing September 18, 2006
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otherwise known as a type of ecstasy
named because of the playstation symbol stamped into the pill.
there are also playstation 2's named because of the playstation 2 stamp on the pill

playstations are known to have mixture of ecstasy, ketamine, heroin and many other trace amounts in to provide a an experience with more hallucinations
hey i just double dropped two playstations!! i am fucked mate!
by razza-b June 19, 2006
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The two definitons above me were written by complete fucktards and anal vampires. Playstation is the console that saved gaming as we know it. Without it we would have to play systems such as X-box aka A nazi box, or Lamecube. The playstation is always a fun thing to play when one is bored and has the best games out their.
Bob: I am bored as hell can i kick it at you're house and play some PlayStation?
Steve: Ya dude i got a ton of new games lets hit that shit.
by Jizz Master Zero March 05, 2006
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The system that started the decline in quality among video games. This was done by marketing games to the hip hop generation and people who used to pick on gamers in gym class, instead of people who actually have interest in video games.
Originally, the Playstation was designed as a disc drive for the Super Nintendo.
The Playstation ruined gaming by making it 'ghetto' and 'hip hop'.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
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A Sony gaming console franchise that began, really, with the Play Station console that never made it to market. The first PlayStation that the world knew, the PlayStation-X (or PSX), was released in Japan in December 1994. At the time, it was a particularly advanced console in several ways, and its success was guaranteed by the wide range of software secured for it by Sony and the way it was marketed as something that was 'cool' -- often blamed for the 'decline' of video games, by making them a source of entertainment for the public at large.

Since the initial launch of the Sony PlayStation, Sony have released a PlayStation 2, which used DVD-ROM technology and had a look that was very different from the original PlayStation. However, the PlayStation 2 is inferior in graphical quality to the Nintendo Gamecube and in power to Microsoft's Xbox, and its continued success was reliant on its status as the 'cool' gaming console, and also on the range of high quality software secured for it by Sony.

In 2005, the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, was released. It marks Sony's first real foray into handheld gaming, and supports a wide range of media -- including UMD movies and music. With incredible graphics and a widescreen display that surpasses all other handhelds in size, the PSP is an impressive piece of hardware. The Nintendo DS (Dual Screen), its main contemporary rival, is currently leading the pair with its innovative design. However, for 'hardcore' gamers, both are a must.

European gamers were outraged at Sony's decision to release the PSP months after its Japanese and North American releases, in September 2005. This delay, justified as a shortage of units, and Sony's desire to withhold their stock until the Japanese and American markets were sated, compounded the feeling of neglect by big gaming companies of gamers in Europe.

Currently, Sony's next piece of hardware in the franchise, the PlayStation 3, which promises to be a powerful next-gen console, is in development and due for release in 2006.
n00b 3: XBOX PWNS J00 ALL.

Console wars are for n00bs.
by FiF December 02, 2005
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