12 definitions by Emennius

A sled made of pie that one uses to go down snowy hills.
I'm hungry, yet I want to have some outdoor winter fun. I better go get the piesled.
by Emennius August 20, 2003
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An exlamation of disbelief
Joe-"I won the lottery!!"
Me-"Pft! Yeah right."
by Emennius January 15, 2004
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Originally an Arcade game, it is best known as the best Run 'n gun NES game, if not the best Run 'n gun game of all time. It is also the first time the Konami code ever appeared in a video game.
Retard-"Contra is so old, it can't compare to awesome graphics of the Xbox."
Me-"Too bad graphics don't matter, you retard. Contra is the best game ever, and it's worth more money than you."
by Emennius January 17, 2004
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The plan to steal a safe full of money from the music department office in your school.
"Are we going through with the safe heist tonight, Joe?"
by Emennius May 23, 2003
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"Hey, a used PSX only costs $50 now."
by Emennius May 23, 2003
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A weapons fighting game made by NAMCO, in which each of the next-gen consoles recieves a console exclusive character.
Retard-"Why won't my Soul Calibur 2 disc work in my Xbox?!"
Me-"Dude, you got it for Gamecube"
by Emennius January 11, 2004
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An up and coming band from Ledyard, that will hopefully make it big...somehow.
Me-"I'm in The Pink Drone Acid Project. Ever heard of us?"
Some guy-"No, not really."
Me-"OK. I didn't really expect some guy on the street to know what some garage band is."
by Emennius January 11, 2004
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