The most attractive and nicest guy you will ever meet, with eyes that will calm your soul and make you feel things again. Pay attention to his hands, because they are one of the best features.He causes you to have a reason to wake up, knowing that you will see him. The best guy to exist.
"I can't get Soni out of my head since I met him"
by PvAmp2603 March 28, 2019
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Bed breaker. Takes care of others young like her own. Sarcasm is a given. A Hawaiian looking super Model. Faithful.
Man, I wish I had a friend like Soni.
by Best friend fo life February 3, 2010
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Soni is a short but a loving girl, who loves to hang with friends. She is sometimes lazy and stubborn, but when you become her friend, she will protect you with her life. If anyone and i mean ANYONE tries to hurt you... they will end up in the floor.
Omg I love Soni!
by Https..Soul November 1, 2019
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Also one of the 5 major music corporations which control 90+ percent of American music. Ironic, since Sony is a Japanese company.
The RIAA loves Sony's cock.
by rock fan March 2, 2003
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A company that's 10 times bigger than Microsoft but gets a free pass from the fanboy American public because they have Squaresoft games and don't railroad American companies. Overcharges for their electronics because of the name regardless of more reliable brands being out there for cheaper.
I listened to my Sony-licensed CD with my Sony-made Discman with Sony-made headphones while playing my Sony Playstation 2 with NFL Gameday 2004 made by Sony-owned 989. Then I played Sony-owned Everquest on my Sony-made Vaio laptop online while listening to Sony-licenced Joan of Arcadia on my Sony television.

Bill Gates could only dream of having that much power.
by Rakshasa December 27, 2003
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Soni is naturally beautiful. She Is always kind and caring to her friends and family. She has an amazing personality and is easy to fall in love with. She is usually gay, and has really great friends. She eats bagels for lunch every day. If someone comes to Soni for help, she will go out of her way to help them. ❤️ She is really smart and badass.
Soni is really pretty
by I’m a cat meowmeowmeow October 29, 2019
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A japanese company actually deriving from the word "sonny" because it's creator wanted it to seem like a hip young company.
You thought it meant something, didn't you?
by Will Hart December 23, 2003
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