1. noun- A very capable digital video recorder that can record more than one TV/Cable/Satellite show at once. This device requires no tape nor disk, but requires a monthly or lifetime subscription to work. It allows you to record, pause, fast forward, rewind, etc., with ease. It uses subscriber feedback and recording history to make "Tivo suggestions", or recordings you haven't asked for that Tivo (the company) believes that you will like. Likely the one thing that scares television advertizers the most.

2. noun- The company who engineered and marketed the Tivo device.

3. verb- The act of using a Tivo machine to record a show.
My Tivo only cost me $99, but saved me a ton on videotapes.

Tivo had my Tivo record Fahrenheit 51 last night. I'm really surprised, but I like that show!

Mom, I told you I wanted to Tivo Crankyankers last night!
by Clint March 25, 2004
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a slang verb meaning to record originating from the Tivo machine that allows you to record television
Tivo the game for me so I can watch it later.
by agentsolidsnakebauer September 24, 2008
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1. Tivo, someone who is always paranoid. Usually thinks their pregnant when they’re not. Has a dark sense of humour.
2. Someone who makes fire roach yet can’t roll for shit. (Usually cheats via RAW pre rolled cones
“Ffs skink you’ve done a fucking Tivo!!, Oi send me the zoot now and I’ll fix is you flange
by Ywgmn October 15, 2018
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A Tivo is a person who only see's what they want to see in life. These people are often blind to common sense and encounter issues that could normally be avoid by paying attention to simple signs.

Common traits include severe self centeredness, chronic bitchface and empty pockets.
Guy: I dunno man, she seemed nice last night when we were talking at the bar.

friend: What!? Everything she talked about was either hating on someone or bitchin about work gossip.
Guy: I dunno dude, i might hit her up again just to make sure

Friend: Whatever man, tivo.
by Dante_ck June 20, 2014
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A dvr that is one of the most reliable ones around.... Deffinatly one of the best inventons!!!
by xdids November 14, 2004
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its slang for pregnant
Steve: So whats new with you?

Rachel: Well, I got tivo

Steve: Whats tivo?

Pheobe: Its slang for pregnant
by james lefleur April 11, 2009
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the act of recording using a tivo
by bob February 8, 2005
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