1. An umbrella term used in many Telecom companies that covers the process of adding a new service or expanding an existing service.

2. A catchy term that clueless sales guys use to refer to the deployment of complicated services when talking with their even-more-clueless customers. Engineers sometimes use this term will sales guys and customers as well, to avoid the confusion caused by explaining the technical nature of their work.
Example 1

You: "I ordered this internet circuit three months ago; where the hell is it?"
Internet Service Provider: "Oh, it appears there was an error in the provisioning process and that circuit was dropped to Alabama instead of New York.

Example 2

Customer: "When is our internets and servers and things going to be up and running?
Sales douche: "Well sir, our engineers are almost done provisioning these items for you. Isn't that right, engineer?"
Engineer: "FML... Yes, I will be 'provisioning' your entire IT infrastructure by the end of the week, like our sales guy promised on my behalf."
Customer: "That word sounded fancy and not too technical! I feel better now."
by d3athp3nguin July 11, 2011
In telecommunications terms, provisioning means to provide telecommunications services to a user. This includes providing all necessary hardware, software, and wiring or transmission devices.
Please be advised that provisioning of new services at DodgyISP inc. will be unavailable during christmas.
by Serge Rivest December 7, 2005
The contents of a dish, usually pertaining to various vegetables in the dish such as fig, etc. A term used in various parts of the Caribbean particularly Trinidad and Tobago.
Tantie, whey all de provision an dumplin an ting, oh gosh!
by Keenan Daniel Dumoy December 21, 2008
used typically as phone-slang for some kind of illegal substance, usually drugs.
Guy 1: Are you going to bring provisions?
Guy 2: Yes I'm meeting my guy in the Taco Bell parking lot in a hour.
by shady2ton August 13, 2007
(n) term used to described the stash of food you plan to eat after consuming cannabis
Which one of us is going to the store to get provisions?!”
by Cocosmom September 7, 2020
He was Provisive about giving your present to you
by Provisive March 29, 2022
A national legislation established in Canada in 1964 that prohibits the sale of any alcohol products on every Tuesday of the week. All bars must legally remain closed to pay tribute and remembrance to the lives of Mounties past.
Don't road trip to Canada on a Tuesday because the Alcohol Provision Act says you can't drink.
by CanadianExpert May 26, 2014