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A slang term for the street drug marijuana. Usually used as a code word for use around adults, or narcs alike.
Im already feelin' twisted, but I want some more whey.
by immadooche October 19, 2010
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Pronounced the same as the word "way".
Used to add humiliation to a situation or simply to annoy a subject. Can also be used to show pride if used correctly!
Man: Aw man, my wife just left me!
Friend: Whey!

Man: How do you spell concentration?
Friend: Whey! You don't know! Whey! Whey! Whey!
Man: Fine, I'll ask someone else.....
Man: Shut up you're so annoying!
Friend: Whey! Whey!

Man: So how do you spell concentration?
Friend: I think it's C-O-N-C-E-M.....
Man: Whey! It's "N" not "M", whey! I know how to spell it! Whey! Whey! Whey!
by Simon Alnaimi September 03, 2007
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Whey is a nonsensical exclamation of sorts. It is also a form of protein that you might find in a nutritional store in several delicious flavors.
Billy:Damn! Sean looks built!

Bob:Fuckin' A! It's those damn whey protein shakes.
by Glore March 28, 2005
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A word to celebrate something or in response of something told to you that you are pleased about.
"I won the race, WHEY"
Jeremiah: "I've just found some money"
You: "Whey, nice one mate"
by Ashley January 28, 2005
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Powdered protein mix, when combined with water, tastes like pure shit. Known to take a scrawny boy, and turn him into a real man.... The process is absoloutly disgusting.
My god my whey protein shake tastes like pure anus! Can't wait to be big and stro- *BARF*
by Thetornoutlaw2x4 September 06, 2005
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1) to supliment an amuseing anectode
2)highlight given persons misfortune
1) Matty Solid:'communisum was a good idea but failed in practice'
Unruly Crowd: 'WHEY WHEY WHEEEEYYY' (can be repeated or one long whey also adding a short sharp choad is acceptable)

2) wafer: (faceplants the floor)
by rho March 18, 2008
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Pronounced "way"

an exclamation which is shouted when someone in the nearby area makes a fool of himself; said during an embarrassing moment when a lack of skill or common knowledge is clearly not present.
1. announcer : "and the ball falls to Michael Owen"...(he whiffs)

fans: WHEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! falls infront of me at the store

I respond with a "Wheyyyyy!"
by LFCYNWA July 03, 2011
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