Also known as 'Telecon'.

The main telecommunications business in New Zealand.
They dominate the phone lines and force everybody else to use ridiculously slow internet speeds because they can't be bothered unbundling some cables.

Often ridiculed for their horrible impact on NZs' internet speed and their blocky, unimaginative logo.

Hated for making the song "Come Together" by the Beatles a national taboo.
Gamer1 "I'm running at 200ping!"
Gamer2 "Fucking telecom and their gay interwebs!!"

Customer "Hello, my phone lines are broken."
Telecom Rep. "We can get somebody out there to help in about a month... please hold."
by Superbacon January 4, 2008
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Of da
dude hes a telecom-er
by Tellecomie November 12, 2004
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A hip telephone company that's been around for almost thirty years and specializes in ip phone service and free phone systems. Just by the phones sign up and go
Can't believe the great system and it was free only from gulf telecom
by Doodlebaum dennenberg October 11, 2011
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When you get terrible ping during the middle of a multiplayer match.
I'm sorry guys, I just got terribly Altima Telecomed on.
by omegavermillion February 9, 2022
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