The death of George Floyd means as much to non-protestors who didnt know him as it does to protestors who didnt know him, the difference is you dont hear about lootings/robberies, killings, arson, or other similar activities connected with non-protestors. What do the people screaming bullshit about change expect to happen to a cop when they're getting away with their own crimes too? It's the store owners and customers who end up fucked when the protestors are done not really doing shit, or making a new point, but all the stuff they were willing to pay for is gone, and everybody else is fucked, but some of the protestors are making money off what they got from the store.
When was the last time a protest calling for change actually changed the way cops did things? They wear cameras nowadays, and that hasn't stopped them from breaking the laws. What do protestors realistically expect to get accomplished, of those that really are trying to do more than clear out a stores merchandise or shoot at somebody because they haven't gotten to shoot at somebody without consequences before. Human weakness can sometimes spread like wildfire, what started as one weak person can become more weakness.
by Solid Mantis June 2, 2020
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A person who expresses opposition to an act of war.
The antiwar protester stood outside the building, sign in hand, ready to convey opposition to the impending war.
by Albert February 15, 2004
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Someone striving to rid the world of penis.
A lesbian or a very straight man, who feels no need for a penis. (In the man's case none other than their own)
by Anal Fury Master May 23, 2005
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Someone who needs to learn to spell.

Anti-war ProtestEr.
The Anti-war protester cannot spell protester.
by Jbooze October 13, 2003
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a war protester is simply someone that protests war. it doesn't necessarily entail being an atheist, anarchy, a stoner, or a hippie as many of the other people have implied.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
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EITHER- A person who believes that all of the world's problems cannot be solved by bombing
OR - A lazy middle class rich kid with nothing better to do, or a hippie.
Dude- Are you standing outside your school in the buff because you think it is wrong to bomb the shit out of a country that has violated no treaties and has committed no acts of aggression, on falsified evidence, killing 50,000 men women and children?
RICH KID- Nah, because all my friends are, and otherwise i'd have math.
by Gwando November 9, 2003
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