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"...is as crazy as hitler day"
Dude1- what yo doin' columbus day?
Dude2- If you heard i was celebratin' that's a world-wide LIE!
by Gwando November 09, 2003

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EITHER- A person who believes that all of the world's problems cannot be solved by bombing
OR - A lazy middle class rich kid with nothing better to do, or a hippie.
Dude- Are you standing outside your school in the buff because you think it is wrong to bomb the shit out of a country that has violated no treaties and has committed no acts of aggression, on falsified evidence, killing 50,000 men women and children?
RICH KID- Nah, because all my friends are, and otherwise i'd have math.
by Gwando November 09, 2003

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An activity performed in prison-
When a new prisoner enters jail, the other cons will instantly become aware that he is different- he is usually overweight, middle aged, balding and a social recluse. Because he is not the usual 'hard case' prisoner, the others will become aware that something is wrong. After a brief investigation, the prisoners will, correctly or incorrectly, assume he is a nonce (one who fiddles kids). This will rapidly lead to a 'nonce bashing' - an extremely violent form of vigilante justice, performed away from the guards, in some dark corner of the jail. This usually leads to death or serious brain damage.
Only performed on sex offenders, never on those who may have committed 'worse' crimes such as murder or regicide, because these are more 'manly' and commmon crimes. also a murderer is likely to put up more of a fight than a nonce.
CONVICT1- "what's up with thatPeter Phile bloke?"
CONVICT2- "He's a nonce."
by Gwando November 11, 2003

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large ring of water surrounding a castle
OR the gigantic golden toilet of a very rich man.
"holy shit, you shoulda seen that rich guys moat!"
"he got a castle?!"
"no, stupid, the TOILET"
by Gwando November 09, 2003

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1: A man so hairy, unkempt an uncivilised that the distincion between man and beast becomes blurred.
2: A normal man so vigourous in bed that his technique could be compared to that of a rutting wild beast.
"The dude was a manimal, long, thick, crusty matted hair covered his bulk, who walked with his knuckels scraping the pavement- but Sandra didn't care- when the lights were out he gave her what she needed
by Gwando November 11, 2003

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1- a small flying rodent, possibly a vampire
2- a wooden sports implement, can be used for violent /criminal prurposes.
3-a man over the age of 18 whose voice has not yet broken
"They call him the bat cos he spends all day in a dark room in front of his computer, and his voice is two octaves too high"
by Gwando November 11, 2003

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A loser
A beatiful Japanese WW" fighter
NOT a number
by Gwando November 09, 2003

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