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A person who expresses opposition to an act of war.
The antiwar protester stood outside the building, sign in hand, ready to convey opposition to the impending war.
by Albert February 15, 2004
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a war protester is simply someone that protests war. it doesn't necessarily entail being an atheist, anarchy, a stoner, or a hippie as many of the other people have implied.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
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EITHER- A person who believes that all of the world's problems cannot be solved by bombing
OR - A lazy middle class rich kid with nothing better to do, or a hippie.
Dude- Are you standing outside your school in the buff because you think it is wrong to bomb the shit out of a country that has violated no treaties and has committed no acts of aggression, on falsified evidence, killing 50,000 men women and children?
RICH KID- Nah, because all my friends are, and otherwise i'd have math.
by Gwando November 09, 2003
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a. A peaceful, well-meaning, usually liberal protestor who does not like the idea of war and fears for the lives of children and the lives of our soldiers


b. An ultra-liberal, ultra-asshole who goes out and yells "Fuck Bush" or some other brain-surgery terms at the top of their lungs, before trying to beat up a police officer.

I've seen more of the b-types but i'm holding out hope that the a-types exist... somewhere...
a- "We're holding this demonstration to protest the iraq war. Kum ba Yah, my lord...."

by Demon Phoenix 1337 December 14, 2004
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One who arrogantly condemns "the other side" (e.g. Republicans) for being "ignorant sheep" who can't think for themselves, whereas it never enters their minds that someone can be intelligent and educated while still conceding the unfortunate necessity of war; that someone can disapprove of George W. Bush's administration but still applaud the removal of Saddam Hussein from power; that someone can side with the government and not be a brainwashed fascist; that someone can believe humans have nobler aspirations that look past their own self-interests.

***Intentionally spelled incorrectly as the proper entry (Anti-war Protester) is much less popular.***
"1. Someone who actually questions what their government tells them, thus fulfilling the very idea of democracy
2. A person with enough intelligence to see right through Bush and recognize him for the moron he is
3. Anybody who opposes people who think that they can launch a war without the world's support." ~ Anti-war Protestor
by SomethingWitty June 11, 2008
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1- One whose personal philosophy is that a certain war, or war in general is immoral and wrong, and openly expresses his/her contempt for war. Not all anti-war protesters are irritating, whiny Bush-bashers...some, but not all. (spelled "anti-war protester")

2- A phrase that can cause people to get into large, pointless shouting/swearing matches against one another.
The anti-war protesters gathered in front of the Capitol to express their feelings about the war.
by Atticus July 08, 2004
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