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Neoliberalism refers to a political-economic philosophy that has had major implications for government policies beginning in the 1970s and increasingly prominent since 1980– that de-emphasizes or rejects government intervention in the economy, focusing instead on structured free-market methods, and fewer restrictions on business operations and that the most important class of rights to expand are those of property enforcement, and of opening nations to entry by multinational corporations. In a broader sense it is used to describe the movement towards using the market to achieve a wide range of social ends previously filled by government.
It is generally hostile to protectionism, social democracy and socialism. It is often at odds with fair trade and other movements that argue that labor rights and social justice should have a greater priority in international relations and economics.

A stark contrast to the earlier entry.
The Democrats in America are nothing more than a bunch of Neo-liberals, and the Republicans are freaking Neo-cons!
by Risky Stuff January 08, 2006
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Neoliberalism is an economic ideology centered around the values of a global economy, or globalization: free market, free trade, and the unrestricted flow of capital. Neoliberals advocate minimal government spending, minimal taxation, minimal regulations, and minimal direct involvement in the economy. Neoliberals believe market forces naturally fill many areas of jurisdiction for the highest overall gain.
The US economy holds more to neoliberal ideals than any other nation.
by Schrodinger's Cat November 16, 2005
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Not to be confused with classical liberalism or theological neoliberalism, these people believe that a free market brings democracy. The classic neoliberal success story is Chile, which under Allende was a socialist democracy. Under Pinochet, the man the neoliberals brought in to replace him, it was a capitalist dictatorship. Famous for fighting with Argentina over uninhabited islands of no strategic importance. Also known as Thatcherists or neoconservatives.
Ultimately, both parties are neoliberal. It just happens the Demos use some lube when they fuck the world.
by Xyzzy March 12, 2005
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(nēˌō -lib(ə)rəl) 1. A Political platform which represents the illusion of liberalism. 2. A false Ideology of the super rich and fools alike; to convince low-incom Liberals to vote for a party which wont actually represent their interests. 3. Bourgeoisie propaganda.
The democratic party will probably nominate a Neoliberal Candidate in 2020 like Joe Biden. Someone who has appeal to the younger generation through the Obama- biden memes that continue to circulate the internet even though he would have no real liberal agenda, no major policy changes regarding climate change, the war on drugs or universal healthcare. (or) The democratic party is nothing but corporate, warmongering, Neoliberal shills.
by Cpt Flags August 06, 2018
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A word less intelligent marxists/leftists use to pejoratively describe anything or anyone related to markets, choice, accountability, or privatization when they are unable or unwilling to engage the issue in a more nuanced manner.
"It's really just a symptom of the neoliberal hegemony," a hungover Russell Brand blurted out, resulting in a standing ovation from his Wesleyan University sociology 101 peers.
by dbrook January 16, 2014
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A neoliberal advocates transferring public goods (drinking water, national parks, interstate highways, internet) to private ownership.
The Republican infrastructure plan, called "public/private partnerships" is a perfect example of neoliberalism in which companies are given tax credits and subsidies to build things such as roads which they will then own and be able to charge fees for.
by grfiv March 18, 2017
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A neoliberal is a pussy who believes in the rights of all Americans under the constitution like freedom of speech, just as long as you agree with him. If you do not agree with the cowardly neolib, he will insult you safe and secure from behind his computer on the Internet chat room posting boards.
For a fine example, please go to Craigslist, Chicago section and search in the R n R or Rants and Raves section. Plenty of childish examples of the neoliberal cowardly mentality there.
by Steve Martin December 09, 2006
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