Intimately kissing someone with as much physical contact as possible. Usually used by children raised in Zimbabwe.
Dreezy and Leah had a thrive session yesterday.

Make sure you brush your teeth before thriving anyone.
by Zim Slang Helper March 8, 2021
to grow vigorously; flourish

to gain in wealth or posessions; prosper
Olivia is drinking an iced almond milk latte. She's thriving.

by Foreignbrew February 23, 2019
A blissful state of mind and body. Modernly used in a sexual manner to refer to people making out.
If you thrive with your ex you will surely regret it in the morning.
by reales00 March 8, 2021
It is a feeling of sure bliss.
the word gets used around, and confused but the late 09 "thrivers" of st.albans.

Is also used in friday, as thriveday.
it is a describing word.

origins are way back from small underground bands such a dividing the line.
tonight will be thriving

i am on the thrive
Thriving means you are either doing well or not doing well. It can be sarcastic
I just failed all my classes. I’m thriving 🤠

I’ve just eaten 4 boxes of nuggets. I’m thriving 🤠
by 🤠Mood March 7, 2019