Ben and Matt only talk with English grammar.
by AMERICAN November 2, 2003
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English grammar should be pointed out with correct and accurate terms.
Yo see me, Youll do so l8r, trust me on 'dis!
by Popoi June 23, 2004
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Something that Linux users lack since they all dreamt of compiling the kernel while sleeping through their English classes.
An example of poor English grammar is 1337/leet speech.
by former penguin August 11, 2003
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an arbitrary system of rules used by one group to dominate another. used ironically.
Bro, I'ma wup some English grammar on yo ass.
by Grammatrarian May 24, 2003
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The correct spellings and grammar of English words may only be found in an English dictionary, from England.

If you were to consult an American version of the English dictionary, you would find many perversions of our language within.
Why do the Americans insist that their spellings are correct just because their country is bigger than England? We spoke it first, we spelt it first, we wrote the first dictionary, the language is called English, when did 'Americanism' first enter our language? Who was the first fool to miss off the U in 'colour,' the S in 'maths,' the I in 'Aluminium' and the UE in 'analogue?'

It's so unfortunate...
by Stuart Fletcher February 22, 2005
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Accommodate (two c's and two m's)
Asthma (sneaky "th")
Colonel (even though we pronounce it "kernel")
Conscience (even though we pronounce it "con-chense")
Embarrass (two r's and two s's)

basically living hell ;)
Bob: English Grammar sucks!
Jeff: yessss
by REB7293_2223hfje September 15, 2020
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