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What most people call “planning,” because they are forever reading or researching (and resting) except doing the very thing they ought to do.
If starting something is the hardest thing to do, no wonder most human beings have perfected the art of procrastinating, with a thousand and one excuses to rationalize their inaction.
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by MathPlus January 20, 2018
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You bothered to turn to the next page for this? C'mon, you know the meaning already now go revise/do your hw/clean your shit.
I personally am supposed to be revising, but no. Started writing up yet another definition to procrastinating. Yes, I am procrastinating.
by master-procrastinator June 21, 2012
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what you're doing right now. get the fuck off and finish your work.
seriously why are you even reading this? you're wasting time. go do some work. now. no more procrastinating.
by southafricansomeone May 18, 2010
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What you're probably doing right now instead of cleaning your room, doing homework, or getting ready for the first day of school.

What I am doing right now.

Le'ts get off of our lazy butts and get things DONE.
"Clean your room!"
"blehhhh.... no. I'm tired."
"No you're not, you're just procrastinating."

Yeahh.. That was really bad. I'm lamee/:
by aPseudonymer.. August 09, 2011
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Definition, you right now. Chances are you searched this in irony so that way you wouldn't have to do that essay due in tomorrow, or to stop you from cleaning your room.
There is also productive procrastination, which is when you do your errands to stop you from doing what you're ACTUALLY meant to be doing.
You: Lets see, what can I do instead of working for the next five minutes? I know, I'll search procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
Me: Should I do my revision for my AS exams? ... Nah best define Procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
by Mechgeek May 14, 2011
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