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The World's Scapegoat.

America's a pretty big place, and its full of all different kinds of people everywhere you go.

We're just a bunch of normal people living in a counrty with a messed up reputation and a mighty big spotlight for a mighty small man.
People will be people, wherever they live.
by wysiwyg August 13, 2004

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Sorry, this definition could not be found.
What's up with this new character limit thing, anyway? It pisses me off.
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004

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Going without underwear.
My friends and I are overconfident, thus we always go commando. Jimmy? No, he's just weird.
by wysiwyg February 18, 2004

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Master and Commander of the Pope mobile.
To the bubblecraft!
by wysiwyg February 17, 2004

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What I'm doing right now!
UD is great for this kind of thing.
by wysiwyg August 14, 2004

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1. A mischievious little man, often clad in green, who moves your remote and steals your underwear in the dark of night.

2. A vertically challenged pedophile who tricks little children into eating his magically delicious "lucky charms." Some say he's not even human. They say that the clover on his hat is his source of power. There is no way to destory it except to match it's awesome might. This is why on St. Patrick's Day, some children nearly went mad pawing at the ground, searching for a four-leaf clover. I encourage you to do the same, for the leprechaun equinox is near... Lucky's power will be at a climax, and by daybreak the world will be his.
1. "What's wrong, Katie?"
"That leprechaun has stolen me lucky panties!"

2. "Catch me lucky charms, they're magically delicious!"
by wysiwyg February 16, 2004

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(1) A game that can turn normal people into hell-bent neopoint gathering addicts.

(2) A freak menagerie.

(3) Stupid looking animals that don't die.
(1) Until I die, I will feed this yawning void in my soul with neopoints.

(2) Neomail me if ur evil. Im a vampyre adn im evil,.

(3) My kacheek is starving to death? HAHAHAHA. HAHAHHAHA... Hey, how come its not dying? DIE, YOU FREAKISH THING!
by wysiwyg February 15, 2004

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