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A word normally used on the Neopian RP boards, meaning "desperate."

A despie usually tries to make their character perfcet, and usually sickeningly attractive, often in an attempt to get an online lover.
Jazmyne had bright blu eyes, she loox to be anbout 8teen, but she duz not kno her real age becuz her parents died b4 she waz born. Jazmyne has magic powers, is single & looking. she is about 18. her hair is golden blond and it is very pretty, she is a soccerplayer and she is a cheerleader but she h8ts preps.
by wysiwyg March 27, 2004
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an idiot, twat, moron, jerk
your really a mathers aren't you?
by wysiwyg March 25, 2004
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(1) A game that can turn normal people into hell-bent neopoint gathering addicts.

(2) A freak menagerie.

(3) Stupid looking animals that don't die.
(1) Until I die, I will feed this yawning void in my soul with neopoints.

(2) Neomail me if ur evil. Im a vampyre adn im evil,.

(3) My kacheek is starving to death? HAHAHAHA. HAHAHHAHA... Hey, how come its not dying? DIE, YOU FREAKISH THING!
by wysiwyg February 16, 2004
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1. Something crazy or amazing.
2. A retarded monkey.
2. Ahm a moinkey.
by wysiwyg February 7, 2004
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Pronounced: Wizzy Wig
"What You See Is What You Get"
Yo homie, I be clickin' the font color button!
by wysiwyg January 10, 2004
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Sorry, this definition could not be found.
What's up with this new character limit thing, anyway? It pisses me off.
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004
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